LaRon Brant ft. Rocky Diamonds & ChiliChil (of MDMA) - SEX - DJBooth

LaRon Brant ft. Rocky Diamonds & ChiliChil (of MDMA) - SEX


For a guy with a one-track mind, LaRon Brant is surprisingly versatile. Like his Booth debut, promotional single On Your Skin, SEX is all about getting it in, but where the former was a gentle ballad dedicated to an intimate partner, this hip-hop infused club cut finds the singer pursuing a one-night-stand with a girl who (judging by the amount of top-shelf liquor he's been consuming) he likely won't remember in the morning. ChiliChili and Rocky Diamonds, two fellow members of Zone 4 quintet MDMA, jump aboard to provide guest vocals over Prince Chrishan's synth-driven boardwork. Featuring this slow-burning ode to lust in the club and much more, Brant's Cherry Skies LP is scheduled for free digital release January 14.