LaShaun Ellis - How Do You


When most rappers discuss money, they depict themselves in the active role, chasing that paper as a lion would a gazelle. LaShaun Ellis thinks of himself as more of a cash magnet; he simply sits there, and the ducats roll in of their own accord. On this freshly-minted promo cut, coming on the heels of February video single Soul'd Out, the Los Angeles representative outlines his “work smarter, not harder” philosophy. When not spitting about his bank account, he gives us an update on his busy love life: “I might f**k Alexis, maybe Jessica, Vivica / I don't know, got so many hoes and I just can't get rid of 'em.Khompono heightens the cut's laid-back vibe behind the boards, pairing methodical percussion with a piano loop that sounds (at least on headphones) like it could be emanating from a room or two away. How Do You isn't attached to a larger set, but those feeling it can hear more on the 6J signee's self-titled LP, available online as of November 2013.