Lee Carr - Breathe

  • Artist: Leron Young
  • Track: Breathe
  • Producer: Lee Carr & Mental Instruments
  • Album: Lee Carr

A common trend in R&B has been to follow an upbeat single with a deeper, more intense ballad (Usher's Love in this Club and Moving Mountains, Day26's Got Me Going and Since You've Been Gone). Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the newest member of this club: Lee Carr. Following the peppy Stilettos, Lee returns with a song everyone (regardless of shoe preference) can relate to. Happy to be with his woman, Carr has settled into the relationship so well that if she were to leave, he might not be able to Breathe. As the writer and co-producer of the track, Carr’s impact is a breath of fresh air that sooner or later will be felt at radio. His self-titled debut album, courtesy of Jive Records, does not currently have a set release date.