Left Boy - Jack Sparrow

  • Artist: Left Boy
  • Track: Jack Sparrow
  • Producer: Left Boy
  • Album: None

Some premises are so on-point that you can pretty much tell a record's going to be quality just by hearing the TV Guide summary—think Stan (“An exchange of letters between a rapper and a obsessive fan dramatizes much-discussed questions of artistic responsibility”), or Face Down Ass Up (“See title”). On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Jack Sparrow, the first Booth feature and latest single from Left Boy: “A Brooklyn hipster spits about weed, liquor and partying over an 8-bit rendition of the Pirates of the Caribbean Theme.” But, hey, nothing like a pleasant surprise, right? Here, Left Boy's own Super Nintendo-style reworking of the film franchise's Klaus Badelt-composed theme sets a fresh, fittingly off-kilter mood as the emcee showcases his unique brand of swag, lacing the beat with lines as hilarious as they are juvenile: “All across the seven seas, everyone can suck on these... nuts.Jack Sparrow isn't attached to any forthcoming project, but those digging the cut of this up-and-comer's jib will find plenty more to crack them up on the record's equally quirky video accompaniment, viewable at Left Boy's official site.