LeToya Luckett - Together

  • Artist: LeToya
  • Track: Together
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

The solidarity displayed lately under the “Black Lives Matter” banner has been impressive, to say the least, but infighting and bitterness remain formidable obstacles to achieving peace in the streets of American cities. On her latest single, Destiny's Child alumnus LaToya Luckett urges us to work Together to stem the tide of violence, delivering her heartfelt message over an unknown producer's melancholy keys and subtly driving rhythm section. Unattached to any larger project, this record was released in support of the Caliber Foundation, an organization dedicated to ending gun crime. If you click here and contribute a dollar to the cause, you'll be able to cop Together before it's widely released and you'll be entered to win a “glamour day” with the R&B mainstay.