Levi Watson x Jonathan Cloud - Cold Weather

  • Artist: Levi Watson
  • Track: Cold Weather
  • Producer: Jonathan Cloud
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Levi Watson hasn't appeared on our front page in two years. The two songs we featured from him were met with rave reviews from our readers, but suddenly, the mysterious Atlanta rapper completely vanished. Today, he makes his overdue return with the splendid Cold Weather, displaying a young voice with mature convictions. Line after line hitting like heat-seeking missiles, Levi's reintroduction couldn't be more perfect for listeners awaiting his return. Bostonian producer Jonathan Cloud delivers a sound that takes Levi from his Dirty South home to somewhere intergalactic; he sounds comfortable in a space that goes beyond Saturn and Neptune. I can't name any producers in Atlanta who are sampling Toshiki Kadomatsu, all praise to Jonathan Cloud for digging in a different box. His elegant production gives us a feeling of exquisite, rarity. Cold Weather isn't attached to a larger project, but we're hoping this dynamic duo starts to make a more consistent appearance around these parts. Their refreshing sound is much appreciated.