Lil Dicky - Lemme Freak

  • Artist: Lil Dicky
  • Track: Lemme Freak
  • Producer: Lil Dicky
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Self-depreciation and hip-hop do not go hand in hand. Rap is synonymous with supreme confidence slash cockiness slash swagger; not with being modest about or critical of oneself, especially in a humorous manner. Clearly looking to break this mold is Lil Dicky, just featured on our homepage last week with I'm Right, and back once again with a brand new single and video. The difference between Dicky and the overwhelming majority of the rapper populace, as evidenced by Lemme Freak, is that the Philly native is just a regular guy. Instead of boasting about how many "bad b*tches" he beds down on an average weekend, Dicky admits to his lady that he's been "cutting back on farting, arguing, Twitter and weed." Like most men, rapper or not, he wants to appease his better half. A Tony Yacenda-directed set of visuals helps hammer home the amusing one liners and his ultra-conversational flow. Will this self-produced number catch the ears and eyes of DJBooth Nation? If it does, it won't be surprising.