Lil Dicky - The Gumption

  • Artist: Lil Dicky
  • Track: The Gumption
  • Producer: Rigpa DE
  • Album: Lil Dicky Hump Days Series

The dictionary definition of the word gumption (gump·tion) is "shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness." With this in mind it makes perfect sense that the latest release in buzzmaking emcee Lil Dicky's ongoing Hump Days Series is entitled The Gumption. Considering the Philadelphia native earned $113,000 in funding through a insanely successful Kickstarter campaign last year, how much more resourceful can you get? As for the Rigpa DE-produced track, Dicky describes the method to his madness success best, "You could say I pull the strings when it’s cool, Lil Penny / I just hit the double digits f**king b*tches."