Lil Herb ft. Earl Sweatshirt - Knucklehead

  • Artist: G Herbo
  • Track: Knucklehead
  • Feat. Earl Sweatshirt
  • Producer: randomblackdude
  • Album: RedBull Presents: 20 Before 15 Series

Red Bull Sound Select will be giving music enthusiasts wings this holiday season. Apart of their 20Before15 campaign, expect 20 free, original tracks between December 1 and 20. That's almost an entire month full of new tunes, a great example of being in the Christmas spirit. On today's offering, Red Bull collides rising Chicago MC Lil Herb with Odd Future's lyrical mastermind Earl Sweatshirt and the result is an anthem for all Knuckleheads. Earl handles the production duties, boom-bap with a strong piano presence is slowly becoming his signature sound. Both artists deliver sincere performances, the kind of tribulations that some would hide in diaries are exposed with no fear of judgement. We hope Red Bull has more music of this quality in-store for the 16 remaining days of the series.



The Metamorphosis of a Lyricist: Earl Sweatshirt's Artistic Evolution

From packing in punchlines to saying more with less, Earl's progression as a wordsmith and artist has been noticeable.