Lil' Mama - Lip Gloss

  • Artist: Lil' Mama
  • Track: Lip Gloss
  • Producer: James "Groove" Chambers
  • Album: The Voice of the Young People

New Jive artist Lil’ Mama, appears from the New York rap scene, with the single Lip Gloss from her upcoming debut album, The Voice of the Young People. She is young and she is here to fill a void. The void left by female rap artists of the past. Her ode to lip gloss is set to an up-tempo, beat courtesy of James "Groove" Chambers, and is frankly the ear catcher of the song. Lil Mama's performance shows her age, as she clashes with solid production work, thus making the song seem noisy and chaotic. Women young and old all wear lip gloss, time will tell if they all will embrace the future of female rap.