Lil' Mo ft. Fabolous - Sumtimes I (Part 2)

  • Artist: Lil' Mo
  • Track: Sumtimes I (Part 2) ft. Fabolous
  • Feat. Fabolous
  • Producer: Cynthia K. Loving
  • Album: Pain & Paper

Some artists work together as though they were born to musically collaborate; Method Man and Mary J., Jay-Z and Beyonce, Ja Rule and (Fill in the blank). Like Bobby and Whitney (before they did crack and got divorced), a chemistry that exists between two artists simply can’t be denied. Thus, the reason for the song Sumtimes I (Part 2), the 450th collaboration between Lil’ Mo and Fabolous. Found on Mo’s new independent album, Pain & Paper, the song is a continuation from part one which features Jim Jones. While she might have been MIA for several years, Lil’ Mo still posses her swagger and skill; like natural chemistry, both are undeniable.