Lil' Scrappy - Trash Bag

  • Artist: Lil Scrappy
  • Track: Trash Bag
  • Producer: Zaytoven
  • Album: Untitled Third Studio Album

Lil’ Scrappy loves him some strippers! In fact, Scrappy loves strippers so much, he dedicated an entire song to them. On Trash Bag, a tentative buzz single off his forthcoming untitled third studio album, the Atlanta rapper encourages his exotic dancer friends to collect the money he gives them he throws in the air while "making it rain" and place it all in… you guessed it… a trash bag. Producer Zaytoven, who has lent his skills to Yo Gotti and Gucci Mane among others, provides a simple bass line while an unknown female feature shies away from stealing Scrappy’s spotlight with a well-sung bridge. Scrappy will release his new album off his own label, G’s Up, sometime later this year.