Lil' Wayne ft. Sizzla & T Streets - The Only Reason

  • Artist: Lil Wayne
  • Track: The Only Reason ft. Sizzla & T Streets
  • Feat. Sizzla
  • Album: Unreleased

Over the past year Lil’ Wayne has spit his rhymes in French (It’s Me Bitches Remix), in “T-Pain” (Showtime), and through song (Duffle Bay Boy). Thus, it is no surprise to hear the Louisiana-born MC transform into a Rasta, alongside Jamaican artist Sizzla, on the new cut The Only Reason. MCs used to compete to see the amount of flows they could spit over an assortment of different beats. Now, on the heels of Weezy’s bi-polar tendencies, it seems as though that bar has risen to include vernaculars, languages, and song styles. While many are disappointed that the highly-anticipated Carter III won’t come until February (at the earliest), Weezy has been giving musical treats every week for the past 12 months; the holidays came early and nobody realized.