Lil Wayne - Prom Queen

  • Artist: Lil Wayne
  • Track: Prom Queen
  • Producer: DJ Infamous and Drew Correa
  • Album: Rebirth

A few months ago, Lil Wayne revealed plans to drop a Carter III rerelease containing all-new songs. Whether Weezy was pulling the public's collective leg with that announcement, or was simply oblivious to the fact that that made no sense, truth has, as usual, turned out to be stranger than fiction: Rebirth will be the emcee's rock album, and tonight marks the official lead single's world premiere. Above all else, Prom Queen proves Wayne as a musical chameleon extraordinaire; though his hoarse, Auto-Tuned vocals are instantly recognizable, this record would otherwise sound perfectly at home on modern rock radio. While some may find the superstar rapper's Sk8r Boi-esque tale of high school rejection a bit hard to swallow, the hard-rocking sound (courtesy of DJ Infamous and Drew Correa) certainly has the potential to attract a whole new demographic. Is this a good look for Weezy? I leave it to you, the readers, to decide.