LION BABE - Jungle Lady

  • Artist: LION BABE
  • Track: Jungle Lady
  • Producer: Lucas Goodman
  • Album: LION BABE EP

Are you sick and tired of derivative, unadventurous R&B? Perhaps you need a Jungle Lady like LION BABE's Jillian Harvey in your life. “Wait,” you say, “Don't lions live in the African Serengeti, not the jungle?” Why, yes they do—but I strongly encourage you to stop being a f**king pedant and hit play, because it would be a shame to let a little factual inaccuracy prevent you from enjoying a high-caliber jam like the duo's latest single. Crew member Lucas Goodman, as usual, handles production, crafting an intricately textured synth backdrop for his partner's silky-smooth come-ons. LION BABE's self-titled EP is still a week away (Dec 15), but those feeling Jungle Lady can cop the record now via iTunes.