LION BABE - Treat Me Like Fire

  • Artist: LION BABE
  • Track: Treat Me Like Fire
  • Producer: Astro Raw
  • Album: Untitled EP

Fire can warm you up on a chilly winter night, or it can flay the skin from your bones—it all depends on whether you treat it with the proper respect and vigilance. That description could also be applied to Jillian Hervey and Lucas "Astro Raw" Goodman of LION BABE, who warn listeners that they're not to be trifled with on their debut single and first DJBooth feature. Treat Me Like Fire, sees beatsmith Good using worn vinyl to evoke the sound of a crackling flame as Hervey showcases her vocal harmonies, mixing vintage-soul smoothness with just a hint of sultry menace. While the EP to which this smoldering single is attached has yet to receive a drop date, those who like what they're hearing can stay tuned for further details, as well as all the latest song releases.