Logic - Buried Alive

  • Artist: Logic
  • Track: Buried Alive
  • Producer: Dun Deal & Logic

Ever feel like you've been Buried Alive? You know the feeling; responsibilities begin to add up, stress mounts, the headaches come in waves and that feeling of never ending pressure creeps into your psyche and kicks back for an extended stay. Logic certainly knows whats up. On his latest single, the second off his forthcoming debut, the Def Jam signee questions his desire to be famous, to "become a superstar." And the man isn't just pandering to his audience. When he uses the record's hook to ask listeners these thought-inducing questions, you can't help but feel the shared weight of the world that Logic apparently experienced while crafting his first major label release. From the outside looking in it's easy to forget about the creative difficulties that an artist experiences, especially with mounted expectations attached to a career trajectory-altering body of work. With the utmost transparency, Logic is able to pull back the curtain. It sounds like he remembered to pack his shovel.