Lorine Chia - Let Me Fly

  • Artist: Lorine Chia
  • Track: Let Me Fly
  • Producer: Rami Beatz
  • Album: Sweet Noise

There's a feeling of euphoria that comes with shutting down your cellphone. Our attention is captured by the mobile device 24/7, a break is not only recommended, but necessary. The incredibly talented Lorine Chia knows how heavy a burden comes with always being accessible, she channels her desires to escape in new single Let Me Fly. She sings about souring beyond the clouds, embracing selfish desires to be secluded - starting with turning off her phone. Lorine's voice is lovely, matching the beauty of Rami Beatz jamming production; your spirit is guaranteed to be lifted from the ground. Let Me Fly will be featured on Lorine's upcoming EP, Sweet Noise, hopefully available sooner than later.