Lorine Chia - Wondering Where

  • Artist: Lorine Chia
  • Track: Wondering Where
  • Producer: R!O, Vitamin D
  • Album: Naked Truths EP

Everybody wanted to run away at some point as a child. Whenever you're parents stressed you out, why wouldn't you want to leave and make your own rules out in the real world? As you grow older, though, you realize how many life necessities you must consider like food, shelter, and premium cable. If you decide to dip past your teenage years, there are more serious reasons involved. On new video single Wondering Where, Cameroon native Lorine Chia tells the story of the prodigal son who strays from the established path and longs to return to the place he took for granted (ding ding if you answered "home"). In the A Plus Filmz-directed video, Lorine is seen as a street performer with a guitar, who uses her unique voice to ponder the many questions that fill this wandering boy's mind, as we watch his long, far from easy journey home. Wondering Where enjoys shelter under Lorine's Naked Truths EP, which dropped on iTunes last October and was reviewed by The DJBooth's Alex Siber.