Ludacris ft. John Legend - In My Life


Last month, the moves Ludacris has been making of late inspired our own Yoh to ask whether the ATLien's music still matters in the contemporary rap game. The article inspired passionate discussion among our readers, but there's one person who wasn't paying one iota of attention to the debate; I'm talking, of course, about Luda himself. On new EP single In My Life, the rap vet makes clear that he doesn't give a f**k what the public thinks about his decisions. Until the day he dies, he's gonna stay in his lane and do exactly as he sees fit. An unknown beatsmith's lush, soulful sample work backs his defiant verses and John Legend provides supporting vocals. If you happen to be feeling Ludacris's latest effort, you can hear more on the Burning Bridges EP, due out next Tuesday, December 12.