Lupe Fiasco ft. Nikki Jean - Madonna [And Other Mothers In The Hood]


After the holidays have come and gone, many music fans will be sitting on an iTunes or Best Buy gift card. January, known in the industry as the slowest new music month of the year, will offer a limited selection of new music options, but one of them is expected to be well worth your Uncle Sallie's hard earned moola. On January 20, Lupe Fiasco will unleash his latest LP, Tetsuo & Youth, which will include the newly-released Madonna. Following in the footsteps of lead single, Deliver, the Nikki Jean-assisted, DJ Dahi-produced record finds Lupe in humble mode, repeatedly telling listeners that at the end of the day he's "just trying to make it." Thanks to a tremendous mix of socially-aware lyricism, expert production and strong guest accompaniment, Lupe should do more than just "make it." But, in the end, that is ultimately up to you, and how you spend that holiday scratch.