Madchild - On One

  • Artist: Madchild
  • Track: On One
  • Producer: Chin Injeti

Next week, Swollen Members rhymesayer Madchild will be unleashing his latest collection of underground bangers, the Switched On EP. Knowing his fans are likely foaming at the mouth in anticipation, he's liberated one last hors-d'oeuvre in anticipation of the main course. Fuelled by producer Chin Injeti's understated keyboard loops and leisurely percussion, and featuring the silky guest vocals of an uncredited female singer, On One is way more chill than Madchild's usual fare, but the Vancouver mic-wrecker doesn't seem to notice. He goes all-out regardless, exhibiting unchecked aggression and off-the-wall wit as he delivers his mile-a-minute bars. For this cut and much more, cop the Super Deluxe Edition of Madchild's latest opus when it drops on Tuesday, September 30.