Madchild - The Adventures of Super Beast

  • Artist: Madchild
  • Track: The Adventures of Super Beast
  • Producer: Rob the Viking
  • Album: SUPER BEAST

On his forthcoming full-length, Madchild will introduce fans to SUPER BEAST, an ultra-powerful alter ego whose favorite pastimes include murdering mics and annihilating sucker emcees. If that doesn't sound much different from the Vancouver rapper himself, well, that's because it isn't. But I'm willing to overlook the redundancy of his new persona if he continues churning out cuts as dope as this freshly-minted single, album pseudo-title track The Adventures of Super Beast. Released along with some manic, neon-tinted visuals by Big Shot Music, Inc., the record finds the Swollen Member boasting of the devastation he causes on the mic: “My tongue's a C4 explosive / Watch for my saliva 'cause it's acid and corrosive.Rob The Viking provides an appropriately dynamic beat to back his lyrical barrage, emphasizing the comic book vibe with campy vocal samples à laDOOM. Featuring this adrenaline-pumping jam and much more, Madchild's next LP has yet to receive a drop date from Suburban Noize/Battle Axe Records. As always, though, fans can keep it locked for the latest.