Madchild - Tom Cruise

  • Artist: Madchild
  • Track: Tom Cruise
  • Producer: Young Aspect

Still haven't copped the latest project from Madchild? I can't imagine why—but whatever it is that's afflicting you, another dope single can't hurt. Featured along with Luke Soanes's offbeat visuals, Tom Cruise doesn't have anything (to my knowledge) to do with the actor. It does however, boast some of the most entertaining bars I've heard the Swollen Member spit in a hot minute, along with Young Aspect beat guaranteed to put a smile on the face of anyone who grew up with an NES. (I'm pretty sure I recognize samples from Punch-Out and Castlevania III on the intro.) Feeling it? Then what are you waiting for—hurry to the nearest record store or online retailer and cop the Switched On EP, out as of last Tuesday.