Maffew Ragazino ft. Rocki Evans & The Mad Stuntman - City Of God


Every college dorm room has at least one movie poster. Clerks is the most common, but my personal favorite is City of God. I’m not sure if Maffew Ragazino has the same fascination as I do with the Brazilian flick, but judging by the cover art to his new song release with the same title, one would be able to assume so. Produced by Sha Banga, CoG is a Caribbean-influenced mellow jam that requires you to nod your head while the track plays out. Lyrically Ragazino discusses life in the ghetto, a.k.a. Hell, and the obstacles he’s overcome while living in it. However, Maffew and guest artist The Mad Stuntman keep a mostly positive perspective of living in the slums of Brownsville (and any other ghetto for that matter), a sentiment shared on the chorus sung by Rocki Evans. For those who live in New York, this song drops just in time for the West Indian parade in a few weeks, so be sure to jam this on your way there – and you might as cop more of Maffew’s work on our Report EP, presented by SMKA and Beat Kangz.



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