Maino - 2009 Predictions

  • Artist: Maino
  • Track: 2009 Predictions
  • Producer: Kwame
  • Album: Unreleased

Maino has a long history of making controversial statements (see Rumors, a mixtape cut on which he spread uncomplimentary gossip about practically everyone in the game). Now, though, the Hi Hater emcee seems to have outdone himself. Claiming to possess psychic powers of prognostication, he hijacks Kwame's beat from Skillz' '08 Rap-Up to give listeners some freestyled 2009 Predictions. Skillz' Rap-Up found him skewering 2008's major players with fond yet pointed humor, and expressing immense hope for the new year; Maino, however, is a cynic of the highest order. In the '09 he envisions, the economy is only going to get worse, record sales will to continue to disappoint, Amy Winehouse will OD, and 50 Cent will make an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. All of these depressingly realistic (well, maybe not the last one) predictions and more should make this street record a hit with the glass-half-empty crowd. So, who's got the right idea – the sunny Skillz or the incurably pessimistic Maino?