Maino ft. T.I. - What Ya Gonna Do

  • Artist: Maino
  • Track: What Ya Gonna Do ft. T.I.
  • Feat. T.I.
  • Producer: T.I.
  • Album: Death Before Dishonor

After leaving his old recording home at Universal --for the greener pastures of Atlantic-- Brooklyn rapper, Maino, quickly learned the benefits of his new label situation. Signed through Atlantic’s top urban artist, T.I., the choice for Maino's new buzz single is What Ya Gonna Do. No matter the quality, the cut might not guarantee Maino a hit so long as TIP remains on house arrest for several federal gun charges. However, being a Brooklynite, Maino is up to the challenge (even displaying the ability to switch up his style to sound more Southern). While his Dirty South delivery is slightly less skillful than his usual Northeastern style, Maino’s flexibility makes What Ya Gonna Do an ideal building block for the upcoming debut, Death Before Dishonor. After all, as the late Pimp C was quoted as saying, “technically Atlanta is part of the East Coast.”