Mansions on the Moon - Where You Are

  • Artist: Mansions On The Moon
  • Track: Where You Are
  • Producer: Mansions on the Moon, co-prod. TRAKGIRL
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Given the current state of technology, I'm guessing it'll be a few years before we're building any lunar habitations—let alone lavish ones. The first Booth feature from chillwave group Mansions on the Moon, however, is mellow and spacey enough to make you feel like you're there, if you listen to it with closed eyes and the correct mindstate. On this newly-released single, instrumentalists Ben Hazlegrove, Jeff Macora and Lane Shaw team up with producer TRAKGIRL to craft an immersive electronic soundscape driven by a fluid rhythm section. Over his bandmates' idyllic arrangement, guitarist/vocalist Ted Wendler serenades a woman he can't seem to get off his mind, telling her, “I only wanna be Where You Are.” Mansions on the Moon's self-titled debut set is currently unscheduled, but can be pre-ordered now via