Marc Payne - Juvenile

  • Artist: Marc Payne
  • Track: Juvenile
  • Producer: Marc Payne, TC Turner Classic, Leor Zeihidi
  • Album: Growing Paynes

We were all Juvenile once, but only some of us were lucky enough to grow up without the Five-O and other adults automatically assuming we were also delinquents. Marc Payne didn't have that privilege, for the simple reason of his skin tone. On his latest single, the Los Angeles representative spits about the racism he and his friends have to deal with on a daily basis, and calls the local cops out for the ignorant—and juvenile—stereotypes they project onto black youth. In conjunction with TC Turner Classic and Leor Zeihidi, the artist creates a deceptively upbeat, beatboxed backdrop for his bars. In addition to appearing on Marc's EP of the same name, out now online, this thought-provoking jam will be included on his next studio album, the yet-unscheduled Growing Paynes.