Mario ft. Eve - Kryptonite (Remix)

  • Artist: Mario
  • Track: Mario ft. Eve- Kryptonite (Remix)
  • Feat. Eve
  • Producer: Bryan Michael Cox
  • Album: Go

To most followers of the industry it appears that R&B singer Mario is either the victim of label politics or poor listener reception. Neither, however, is his Kryptonite. Mario’s third solo project, Go, was supposed to see store shelves last November; it has been delayed numerous times, but never has it been due to factors out of his control. As Mario will explain in an upcoming interview with DJBooth, the reason for the pushbacks was due to a constant flow of new music. A song not responsible for the delay though is Kryptonite, a Bryan Michael Cox production featuring Rich Boy. Yet, because the song was leaked almost six months prior to the upcoming drop date of November 27th, Mario grabbed up a rap verse contribution from Eve and has remixed the song. Let’s Go!