Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk


Not featured on our front page since way back in 2011, when he dropped A La Modeliste as part of the RE:GENERATION series, UK recording artist and producer Mark Ronson finally returns with a little something for the ladies. (Guys can listen, too—at least, I won't tell if you don't.) Uptown Funk is a body-moving jam with an addictive throwback vibe. The headliner's raucous mix of muscular bass and brash brass accompanies pop hitmaker Bruno Mars as he delivers cocksure, high-energy verses that'll have fellas exclaiming “Hot damn!” and women in the house screaming “Hallelujah!” Currently available for purchase on iTunes, this catchy cut will find a home on Ronson's yet-unscheduled forthcoming LP, Uptown Special.