Marky - Applaud

  • Artist: Marky
  • Track: Applaud
  • Producer: Beastaz
  • Album: Markyland, USA

Excuse me, not to objectify, but I must simply give you a standing ovation for the way you just walked by. Bravo dear, bravo.” Fresh off a XXX single featuring Booth-favorite XV, Marky keeps the current theme of sex present with his next leak, Applaud. Now that we’re assuming that it is indeed Cool to F**k, the Freestyle Series alum lays it down on the topic of the finer features of the opposite sex, to put it mildly. Beastaz is the man behind the throwback vibe on this strip club ready, heavy bass bouncing production, and Marky wastes no time putting his feelings in perspective in head nodding fashion: “If you going, take my order, I’ll take that ass to go.” Well then, I guess I have to applaud that kind of bravado. With his latest project Markyland, USA with no release date in sight, the road to its release may be lengthy, but listeners should enjoy the ride as more records like this continue to drop. Be sure to keep a lookout for more encores from Marky here at DJBooth.