Mathien - Wurlitzer Crowley

  • Artist: Mathien
  • Track: Wurlitzer Crowley
  • Producer: Mathien
  • Album: The Freedom Tapes

I don't know about y'all, but when I saw that Mathien had mashed together the names of an infamous English occultist and an iconic electric piano manufacturer to form the title of his latest single, I mentally prepared myself to hear something really f**king weird. Turns out I had it completely twisted; Wurlitzer Crowley is one of the catchiest, most accessible jams we've heard from the Windy City singer/songwriter to date. Here, a bouncy set of acoustic guitar chords accompanies Mathien as he calls a “mean girl” out on her mind games. Two Gents Digital, directs the cut's cinematic accompaniment, which, according to the artist, is the first set of visuals he has been truly happy with. The Freedom Tapes is set to drop on the 20th. In the meantime, keep it locked for more fresh singles.