Mel Wellman - Brooklyn

  • Artist: Mel Wellman
  • Track: Brooklyn
  • Producer: Mel Wellman
  • Album: Noise in the Library 3

One day, when I’m older, I’d like to move to Brooklyn.” It’s hard to overestimate how many young’ns have had that thought pass through their heads since NYC’s largest borough earned its reputation as a cultural center. I turned that dream into a reality a couple years back, and Philly rapper/producer Mel Wellman recently did the same. On this freshly-minted single, making its world premiere in the Booth, the artist waxes poetic about B.K.’s illustrious hip-hop heritage, flowing over his own sparse, sampled production. Like what you’re hearing? Then stay tuned for more singles leading up to the spring release of Mel’s Noise in the Library 3 LP, due out this spring.