Melanie Martinez - Carousel

  • Artist: Melanie Martinez
  • Track: Carousel
  • Producer: Kinetics & One Love
  • Album: Crybaby / Dollhouse EP

If you'd asked me yesterday, I would have told you there's nothing sexy about merry-go-rounds. After listening to Melanie Martinez's Booth debut, though, I'm not so sure. On this promo single, the Atlantic Records signee and 2012 The Voice contestant invites a lucky dude to “ride her Carousel,” if you know what I mean. Booth-approved duo Kinetics & One Love, who also co-penned the record, provide a sultry music-box backdrop for her innuendo-packed verses and hook. Adam Donald's official visuals round out the package. Carousel is slated to appear on unscheduled album Crybaby, but can also be found on the artist's Dollhouse EP, out now in stores and online.