Merna - Young & Reckless

  • Artist: Merna
  • Track: Young & Reckless
  • Producer: Makai Black
  • Album: The Calling

If you don't exercise your freedom and make a few crazy decisions while you're figuring life out, you'll likely suffer from regrets when you're older. So I can hardly fault singer/songwriter Ayah for throwing caution to the wind and dropping her established stage name in favor of new moniker Merna. Appropriately enough, her second feature since the switch is an anthem for the Young & Reckless. Backed by Makai Black's mid-tempo percussion and grainy synth-bassline, the W.A.R. Media songstress urges listeners to turn the volume up and engage in some “bold and senseless” behavior. Merna's latest full-length, The Calling, is set to hit record stores and online retailers November 4. In the meantime, of course, we'll keep you supplied with the latest singles.