Metafore - Patience

  • Artist: Metafore
  • Track: Patience
  • Producer: DJ Emz
  • Album: On Everything I Love

While most 18-year old artists are rising to the top of the pop charts with catchy dance songs (AhhChoooosouljaboy), rapper Metafore is treading water in the deep end of the pool with his stylish lyricism and subject matter. What got him there? Three core values: Patience, to wait for a chance at some serious cash; Understanding, to know the industry inside and out; And loyalty, because if you forget where you started, who knows where you'll finish? Using a masterful sample from The Sylver’ soul classic, That's What Love Is Made Of, Meta proves even in production choice he is well beyond his years. It has often been said that trends come and go, but depth is forever. If that statement holds true, Metafore has a long and successful career ahead of him.