Mickey Factz - Rescattered

  • Artist: Mickey Factz
  • Track: Rescattered
  • Producer: Jonathan Friedlander
  • Album: Love.Lust.Lost.II

Craving a fresh Mickey Factz record? How about a couple dozen of 'em? OK, I'm not actually going to count the number of different songs that have been stitched together to form the NYC mainstay's latest feature, but suffice it say, there are a lot. Released to celebrate the artist's 35,000th's Facebook "like," Rescattered finds Factz returning to the concept of 2011's Scattered. With the help of producer Jonathan Friedlander, he chops and juxtaposes numerous rare, previously-released and unreleased verses, all dealing in some way with the topics of romance and sexuality. “Sequel-based mixtape” Love.Lust.Lost.II is slated to drop in mid-October. In the meantime, we'll keep you supplied with the latest singles and release details. Also, click here to learn when Mickey Fact's upcoming, Booth-sponsoredRed or Blue Pill Tour will be visiting a city near you.