Mike Jones ft. Lil Wayne - I Done Did It

  • Artist: Mike Jones
  • Track: I Done Did It ft. Lil' Wayne
  • Feat. Lil Wayne
  • Producer: Cory Mo
  • Album: Voice of the Streets

The past few months have been pretty rough going for Mike Jones; on top of his Ozone Awards altercation with fellow Houstonian Trae and current single Cutty Buddy's underwhelming airplay, Jones’ long-delayed sophomore album, Voice of the Streets, still hasn't been released. If there's one thing Mike Jones knows how to do, however, it's promote himself. On the potentially single-worthy I Done Did It, the rapper offers no surprises, falling back on repeated names (Who?) and lines, typical H-Town subject matter (candy-painted slabs and candy-coated diamonds), and announcing his brand new phone number (281-206-4336). Featuring a guest verse from hip-hop's biggest name (Weezy F. Baby) and the electric-guitar riffs of Cory Mo, whether or not you enjoy I Done Did It will depend on whether you enjoyed the Mike Jones of old. Voice of the Streets is currently set to be released on November 17.