Mike Stud - Goin' Up

  • Artist: Mike Stud
  • Track: Goin' Up
  • Producer: Louis Bell
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

You can call Mike Stud “Mr Balloon Hands,” 'cause he's Goin' Up. You know, on second thought I'm not so sure that Dan Deacon-inspired nickname is gonna catch on. Either way, though, the Providence, Rhode Island repper's been putting in the kind of work necessary to conquer the game and, on this freshly-released loosie, it shows. Here, Louis Bell's moody synths and thumping rhythm section accompanies Stud as he flaunts his bankroll, the expensive liquor in his cup, the dime pieces in his ride and, most importantly, his prodigious mic skills. Goin' Up isn't attached to a larger set, but we'll keep you posted on the indie buzzmaker's plans as further details emerge.