Mir Fontane - Pam

  • Artist: Mir Fontane
  • Track: Pam
  • Producer: Kev Rodgers
  • Album: He So Crazy

Conceptual albums are a combination of creativity and execution. The most ambitious ideas can fall short of greatness if it lacks the necessary balance. The DJBooth newcomer Mir Fontane is a great example of incredible execution meets creative genius. Like many of us, the New Jersey emcee has an affinity for the 90's sitcom Martin; his admiration inspired an album, He So Crazy, an ode to the classic series. Mir tackles the project like a scriptwriter, taking the universe and re-writing am unlikely scenario. Tommy is still job-less, Cole is dumb as dirt, Bruh-Man hasn't moved from the fifth floor, but the twist is introduced on single Pam. Rapping from Martin's perspective, infidelity is confessed over Kev Rodgers lush production. Who would've imagined Martin's arch-nemesis Pam would become his "repressed desire"? The intricate single pulls listeners into a state of nostalgia, Autheniks incredible hook, samples from the show, along with the incredible story-telling, it's like watching an unreleased episode, or a straight to DVD reboot. For the full experience, be sure to give the entire project a listen.


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