Miranda Brooke - Hater

  • Artist: Miranda Brooke
  • Track: Hater
  • Producer: Sak Pase (of The Jugganauts)
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

In discussions of music, being a Hater is something almost nobody will cop to; you'd be all but admitting you'd abandoned reasoned discussion in favor of pursuing a personal vendetta against an artist. In the romantic arena, no such critical distance is expected. Par exemple, you hardly need a good reason to despise the the man or woman who snatched your love from under your nose. On her latest promo single and first Booth feature, Miranda Brooke makes no bones about where she stands in relation to her ex-man's new chick: “I don't like her.Sak Pase mans the boards, serving up a soothing R&B groove to back the singer as she vents her spleen at the happy couple. In the process, she exhibits a strong vocal presence—and, might I add, an impressive attention to detail: “Oh, is that my bracelet she's wearing on her wrist? The one I wanted? Maybe I just wasn't worth it.” Damn, that's cold. With an easily-relatable theme and a fresh execution, I have a feeling that this jam will win Miranda Brooke anything but hate in the Booth. As always, though, the reader gets the final say. If you're digging it, then keep it locked; while Hater isn't attached to any forthcoming project, we'll be sure to keep you posted on this talented up-and-comer.