M&O - House

  • Artist: M&O
  • Track: House
  • Producer: Owen Hill
  • Album: Almost Us

Typically, having a ghost in your place of residence is a bad thing; they flip the lights on and off, break sh*t, and generally make a nuisance of themselves. But the apparition described on the latest single from M&O (formerly known as Milo&Otis) is not only tolerated but welcome: “Your love is haunting me / And I'm a willing House.” The Windy City duo's first feature since last fall's The Joy, this promo cut retains its predecessor's simple, tranquil sound and warm, subtly poetic lyricism. Over Owen Hill's ebbing and flowing synths, vocalist Jamilia Woods vividly portrays the obsession and nervous excitement that come with new love. Fans will be able to find House and much more on the unsigned crew's Almost Us LP, scheduled for independent release on Thursday, April 3.