M.O.P. ft. Mobb Deep - Street Certified


If you ask me, this cut's name is a bit redundant. When you see “M.O.P.” and “Mobb Deep” on the title line, it's pretty much a given that what you're about to hear is Street Certified. On the off-chance anyone is in doubt, though, I can confirm that the Mash Out Posse's latest single (premiered yesterday via 2DopeBoyz) is as gritty as the blacktop in their native Brownsville. The Baroque organ loops and heavily syncopated percussion of iFresh get heads nodding as the B.K. stalwarts stress their fidelity to the block in bullet-riddled verses. Queensbridge neighbors Havoc and Prodigy trade verses with the headliners, their steely-eyed mic styles contrasting nicely with Billy Danze and Lil Fame's more forceful flows. Street Certified is slated to appear on M.O.P.'s next album, the title and drop date of which have yet to be determined. Watch our pages for further details on that set, as well as on their collaborators' The Infamous Mobb Deep LP, which will feature January single Taking You off Here.