Murphy Lee ft. Young Dro - Hatin

  • Artist: Murphy Lee
  • Track: Hatin' ft. Young Dro
  • Feat. Young Dro
  • Producer: Mannie Fresh
  • Album: Who Says St. Louis Ain't Hip-Hop

For one rapper, "Murphy's Law" turned out to be a good thing. After Murphy Lee achieved success with his appearance on Nelly's smash hit Country Grammar, he decided that the axiom held a special meaning in his case, and titled his first solo album after it. "[Since] it means what could go wrong will go wrong, I wanted to flip it a little bit: what could go right will go right." And the saying has held true for Lee – after winning a Grammy with his first record, he founded the label "U C Me Entertainment", and is set to release his second album in the fall. A leaked track from his forthcoming release, Hatin', featuring Young Dro, is a boisterous response to those who have doubted Lee. But if Murphy's Law continues to hold true, there won't be much for anyone to hate.