Mya ft. Trina - Ridin (Remix)

  • Artist: Mya
  • Track: Ridin' (Remix) ft. Trina
  • Feat. Trina
  • Producer: Young Yonny
  • Album: Liberation

On her latest attempt to generate a buzz for Liberation (that warrants a physical CD release), Mya has released a remix to her current single, Ridin'. Unlike most remixes (outside of dance music), the beat from Tricky Stewart's original version has been replaced. In its place is a newer, more club worthy beat courtesy of Young Yonny (think Lil' Jon's remix to Lean Back). Though Mya's still driving ‘past that b*tch's house,’ the self-proclaimed "baddest" of them all, Trina, hops in the ride and raps about similar disgust over a certain creepin' man (who probably feels a lil' weezy-get it?). December 11th is Liberation's current release date, raise your hand if you think it sticks.