Nader - Prolific

  • Artist: Nader
  • Track: Prolific
  • Producer: Eddie ‘Shyboogs’ Timmons
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

I hope y'all are ready, because, to quote the chorus of Nader's first Booth feature, “tonight's gonna be Prolific.” Now, I could bust out my dictionary and explain why that word doesn't mean what I think the indie crooner thinks it means but, you know what? The record is so smooth, I don't really feel like being pedantic. Eddie ‘Shyboogs’ Timmons mans the boards on this bedroom-ready selection, crafting a synth instrumental to accompany the artist as he serenades a habitual jump-off. Jay Munoz's official visuals round out the package. This cut is just a loosie, but, if Nader is as Prolific as his evenings between the sheets, more new music should be right around the corner.