Nametag - Stylin' on 'Em

  • Artist: Nametag
  • Track: Stylin' on 'Em
  • Producer: Black Milk
  • Album: Courtesy of Ambition EP

Since showing off is one of the most overdone topics in hip-hop, some listeners might not even take the time to finish reading this blurb, much less hit the play button below. If you've taken the time to read this far, however, you should know that Detroit rapper Nametag has brought a touch of originality to his new single, Stylin' On Em, choosing to bypass club appeal for spins in “the bars...the trucks...the cars.” Nametag benefits from his hometown connections, as well-respected underground rapper/producer Black Milk lends a beat. Maybe the topic of being "so fresh" can be fresh after all (sounds like a contradiction, doesn't it?) Whatever the case, look for Stylin' On Em to appear on Nametag's digital exclusive, Courtesy of Ambition EP, which will be available online this fall.