Nappy Roots - 40 Intro

  • Artist: Nappy Roots
  • Track: 40 Intro
  • Producer: SMKA
  • Album: Something's Gotta Give Campaign

Last week, Nappy Roots kicked off promotion for their next full-length with Hazy, the first in a series of SMKA-produced loosies planned for release leading up to the set's arrival. They set a high standard with that cut, earning an average of 3.9 out of 5 stars from our readership, but they just might have outdone themselves with installment numero dos. On 40 Intro, the aforementioned A-Town beat crew blends trap-tinged percussion, minor-key synth chords and soulful samples as the Kentucky reppers share their “No pain, no gain” philosophy on the hustle. If you're feeling it, watch the Booth for further series standouts as well as details on the 2015-bound 40 Akerz Project.