Nappy Roots ft. Scotty ATL - DeepEnd - DJBooth

Nappy Roots ft. Scotty ATL - DeepEnd


Thus far in their Something's Gotta Give campaign, Nappy Roots is two for two; both Hazy and 40 Intro received rave reviews from our readers. Now, they're poised to turn that winning streak into a hat trick with entry numero tres, DeepEnd. Booth-acclaimed beat crew SMKA mans the boards on this bold and arrogant cut, layering quirky vocal samples and bluesy piano loops over a subtly driving rhythm section as the Southern mainstays trade verses with rising rap star Scotty ATL. Like what you're hearing? Then watch our front page for further #SomethingsGottaGive standouts, as well as the latest on 2015-bound full-length 40 Akerz.